Which R4i Gold card hack ROM 3DS for free on New2DS 11.10?

Which R4i Gold card hack ROM 3DS for free on New2DS 11.10?

With the availability of 3DS and New2DS XL 11.10.0-43E, more and more players are asking if we can take a flashcard R4i Gold to crack this new firmware V11.10.0-43E?

R4i Gold hack 3DS 11.10.0-43

To hack free games, there are many choices on the market. A R4 3DS card is a very good choice. And for the R4 3DS card, there are a lot of groups that have different flashcards. Like R4i Gold Pro from r4isdhc.com site, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS comes from r4i-sdhc.com, R4i Gold 3DS from site r4ids.cn etc. Here are all these free download R4 hack ROM flashcards on 3DS 11.10.0-43E:

  • R4i SDHC 3DS RTS
  • R4i Gold Pro 2019
  • R4i Gold 3DS
  • R4i Gold EU 3DS
  • R4i SDHC Dual Core
  • R4i RTS Lite 3DS
  • Ace3DS Plus

R4 Gold cards are popular to crack free download games, if you like to play unlimited games with a MicroSD card, then a R4i Gold card is a very good option. So which R4i Gold card supports Nintendo DS 11.10 hack for free 3DS ROMs?

Which R4 Gold card pirate 3DS games?

The R4 Gold Card is known on the market, you know Wood R4i Gold 3DS, R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS Edition. So which R4 Gold card pirate free 3DS games?

There is a very old R4 Gold card to play free 3DS games on a 3DS, it’s R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS edition. However, this R4 Gold flashcard only plays 3DS games on a 3DS version from 4.1 to 4.5. And there is no stock of this 3DS flashcard on the market. Is there any other card R4 Gold supports hack free 3DS games?

In fact, the answer is no. However, you can take all these 3DS flashcards to hack free download DS games.

2019 R4i Gold Pro

The R4i Gold Pro card in 2019 version is a very good choice to run DS games downloaded on the market.

This R4 Gold card is compatible with 3DS and New2DS XL in version 11.10.0-43 and DS 1.4.5E. In addition, R4i Gold Pro 2019 also supports free GBA, SNES games with an emulator. R4i Gold Pro is a quality card and has been fully updated with more features and mature technology, as R4i Gold is combined with the core technology of R4, M3 and DS TWO. The RTS function is added too. The high-density chip has been used to allow games to run faster and last longer.

R4i Gold EU 3DS

R4i Gold EU 3DS is a popular flashcard in Europe, so it has the name EU. With the V1.73b kernel, this R4 Gold flashcard supports multiple unlimited DS games. And the latest update kernel has solved the little bugs. This R4 3DS card plays free DS games on all New2DS XL, New3DS, 3DS, 2DS, DS, DS Lite and DSi consoles. In addition, it also has good compatibility that is compatible with 3DS version 11.10.0-43 and DS 1.4.5.

R4i Gold 3DS hack 3DS 11.10

This R4i Gold 3DS card is known on the market because it has a Wood R4i Gold 3DS V1.64 kernel. This card is perfectly compatible with unlimited DS games on a 3DS V11.10.0-43E update. Most importantly, R4i Gold WOOD 3DS supports NTRboot flash, so many players prefer to buy this flashcard in Portugal.

Which R4 3DS pirate ROM 3DS card downloaded?

The new R4i B9S card is your choice in Portugal. This is one of the best R4 cards to play 3DS games downloaded on the latest update 3dss 11.10.0-43E. R4i-B9S is a very good choice for all noob players, firstly, this card is not expensive at all, the price almost 20 Euros on Mod-Switch.com.

In addition, R4i B9S flashcard is region free, so all EU players can play 3DS games from other region without problem. The Sky3ds+ card does not have this function. In addition, R4i B9S is pre-flashed with ntrboot, and BigN can not block it, so there is no risk of taking a purchase of the R4i B9S flashcard.

Which R4 flashcard are we going to buy in Portugal?

It’s very simple, if you like to play free NDS games, then take a purchase of the R4i Gold Pro or R4i Gold EU 3DS card, they are built in good quality. If you like to play free 3DS games with a cheap R4i card, then R4i B9S will be your best choice in Portugal.

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