Living in Thailand Here Is Where You Can Get Your Apple Product Repaired

Living in Thailand Here Is Where You Can Get Your Apple Product Repaired

If you live in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand and you have an Apple or Mac product that needs repair, Mac Studio is the place for you to go to or call. They will do repairs on iMac, iPhone, iPad and other products. They offer complete repair service for all types of Apple products and they have experienced technicians who do the repairs. They will repair MacBook [ซ่อม MacBook, which are the term in Thai] with almost any problem.

MacBook Repair

If you have dropped your product in water and now it won’t work, they can take care of that for you. Other problems such as:

  • USB broken
  • Unplugged turned off
  • Keyboard problems
  • Trackpad is broken
  • Problems with hard drive
  • RAM changes
  • Change video card
  • Camera will not turn off

All these problems can be taken care of by this service center.

Repair iPhone, iPad, iPod

It doesn’t matter what models, or symptoms, these can be repaired at a fair price with a team of professionals. They have quality spare parts including nationwide delivery to you. Motherboard repair change of IC, iPhone, all symptoms can be taken care of. You can also get a change of screen, or battery of iPhone no matter the model.

Apple Company

Apple is an international company trading all over the world. They have a network of retailers and repair technicians in nearly 100 countries with online stores in 35 countries. These technicians in this shop with take good care of your product as they repair the problems.

Join the Mac program

This shop has a program called the Mac program which anyone can join. They have over 800+ programs that their professional technicians understand how to use andthey stand ready to consult on the use of these programs. This shop also offers online services to solve problems after the sale. This shop is ready to help you when you are using almost any program.

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