Choosing An Operating System For Your Tablet

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Modern smartphones and iiot are becoming larger and more productive, which is why demand for tablet computers has declined. But the “tablets” do not give up, develop and also find their user. They can be very similar, but differ significantly in operating parameters and in price. To choose the right tablet, you need to outline the tasks for the device and determine what features will be in demand, and for which options you should not overpay.

Operating System

Windows 10 . Windows tablets are well suited for working with traditional desktop programs, even without using a keyboard. The key advantage of a tablet computer with a dozen on board will be the ability to share with office equipment or a seamless connection to the corporate network.

Among the shortcomings of Windows for a tablet are the need for separate software in the form of a licensed antivirus, the lack of special mobile applications, and the difficulty with scaling.


 The system is well optimized, so it economically uses the RAM. It is stable, understandable and neat. The disadvantages of this OS are its closeness, a small number of free applications, the inability to increase the amount of memory.

In the 19th year, Apple introduced a separate iPadOS version for tablets, which features several fresh features: support for external drives and the ability to fully work with archives and files (export, view, edit), desktop mode, multi-window mode, and the ability to apply the mouse. It is interesting that the owners of many Apple tablets of past years can upgrade their device system to iPadOS. You can learn more about this OS on the manufacturer’s page

Android Free and most open system with regular updates. Tablets with such an OS can easily be pumped with fresh applications from the Google Play store or from third-party developers. For example, a user can install a new browser, download a music player of their choice, or choose a more convenient keyboard. Android tablet computers connect to a stationary PC for data exchange without any problems, do not require heavy-duty hardware..

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