Three places to watch Anime online 

Gone are the days when only children tuned in to watch cartoons and anime on their TV’s. The term anime simply means Japanese animation. Off late, anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, etc have been released on several websites over the internet resulting in a huge fan base belonging from different parts of the globe. It doesn’t cater to only one demographic, people belonging to different age groups can relate to the stories and characters portrayed in these anime series. 

One of the most well-known websites where an Otaku can binge anime shows is, gogoanime. Most importantly, it is a free website with minimal ads. Secondly, various servers are available for a particular show along with no buffer time. The only thing required is a working internet connection. Recently, several other gogoanime alternatives have also surfaced. 

Some of the other websites are: 

  • Kissanime: 

Following close behind gogoanime, this website is also absolutely free. The interface is available in dark mode and it is pretty easy to navigate. Kissanime houses the highest collection of your favorite anime. An overview of every series along with the dubbed and subbed versions are available in high quality. Newer shows are added way too frequently, hence, this website will never cease to amaze the anime lovers. 

  • 9anime: 

Another free website with a very user-friendly interface that will keep you glued to your seat is 9anime. The explore page suggests you with shows that are worth watching along with different categories that you can choose from.

  • Crunchyroll:

Unlike any other website, Crunchyroll provides its users with the finest quality anime ranging from the oldest seasons to newly developed American influenced anime. You can call this website the Netflix of the Otaku. There are absolutely no advertisements, however, there is a catch. This website can only be viewed by those who are subscribed and pay a monthly or yearly amount. Therefore, if you are looking for a premium anime experience then be sure to subscribe to Crunchyroll which is one of the best gogoanime alternatives. 

The world of anime is growing at a rapid pace. The visual effects, the storyline, the character development, etc. will certainly grab the attention of the general television viewer. So, be sure to check out some gogoanime alternatives as there is quality content available on these platforms. You can also conduct research online to know more about this concept.

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