How to convert and retain customers with a chatbot Hubspot?

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important criteria in digital marketing. Indeed, the best marketing agent a company can have is a happy customer, a brand evangelist who promotes it and acts as an advocate for its products. While most companies today understand the importance of retaining new customers, some struggle to act when it comes to turning the idea into reality. That’s where Hubspot chatbots come in, interactive marketing tools designed to develop customer support and relationships. Let’s discover together how to convert, retain and develop effectively the customers of your website with the integration of a chatbot Hubspot.

What is a Hubspot chatbot?

The Hubspot chatbot is, in simple terms, a mix of code and artificial intelligence. The Inbound Code part controls a set of predefined responses, which means that a Hubspot Bot can answer questions via a chat interface such as Facebook Messenger or a website chat. By using AI and Machine Learning techniques, the chatbot learns, improves the accuracy of its answers over time, and becomes even smarter.

Hubspot Bots are very often used to answer customer support requests. But, they have also proven to be increasingly valuable at different levels of the sales funnel. For example, by performing simple queries, a Hubspot chatbot can collect valuable data about the scores of prospects and regulars. Based on this data, these can be automatically transferred to the sales area of the digital agency or e-commerce site.

Attracting new customers and building loyalty with a Hubspot chatbot: how to proceed?

Customer loyalty is an ideal that all businesses should aspire to simply because of their existence. It is a B2B system in which both the company and also the customer win. If you want to turn satisfied customers or new visitors into loyal brand ambassadors with Hubspot Services, here’s how to do it.

1. Offer your customers benefits with every purchase

This approach works best for businesses that sell unique products or services. If your company is pioneering a new product or service, a Hubspot chatbot can be very beneficial. For example, you can program it to introduce regulars and prospects to new services and products on your website. The wording should be done in such a way as to push them to make purchasing decisions, for example by displaying the benefits they get by using your product or service.

2. Focus on communication

Your chatbot can collect information about what your customers want to know. It happens, for example, that many customers ask the same question. If this is the case, it is obvious that there has been some kind of communication gap between you and the users. However, you can turn this problem into an opportunity. For example, turn frequently asked questions into articles, so that visitors can quickly find a complete and comprehensive answer to their questions.

3. Improve your customer service

When there is a problem or criticality, perhaps in purchasing a product or returning an item, the customer naturally needs help. Your HubSpot should be able to handle the reporting of a problem and triage it to the appropriate team to resolve it as soon as possible. Also, it should integrate links to traditional channels (phone, email, live chat, form, etc.) to provide real-time, personalized assistance to a customer who needs an urgent issue resolved.

4. Build a helpful community for your customers.

Customers will always trust their peers more than a company. You can turn this to your advantage by creating a community that encourages customer-to-customer interactions with your Hubspot service features. This allows customers to submit ideas and vote on which service to use.

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