Why early data recovery is not possible on the overwritten hard drive?

There are many who are of the opinion that even with missing data, professionals will be able to perform hard disk recovery or Raid data recovery. The truth is that data is still present and not removed. The hard drive however, is not aware how to identify this ‘lost’ data. Information which instructs the computer as to where data is to be located is simply missing. Hence professionals performing hard-disk data recovery or laptop data recovery are not in a position to locate crucial files on reformatting of the drive.

Information is stored magnetically in the hard disk drives and hence, there is no need to monitor drive related information. Data strings in eight 1’s & 0’s might appear to be garbage. However, they can be used by the hard drive to maintain separate stored data.

Magnetism used by hard drives to store information

Hard drives quite similar to that of a car battery may have magnets with minus and plus pole. 1 & 0 binary code is represented by the poles. The HDD platter or storage unit contains ferromagnetic surface, which divides binary codes to magnetic regions, referred to as magnetic domains. It is magnetic direction of the domains that stores data, which gets magnetized in 1 of 2 directions, represented by 0 or 1.

On the HDD unit, data gets stored in two ways. This data, before 2005 got recorded parallel to disk surface, which meant recording of binary code with right or left magnetism. This recording type is referred to longitudinal recording. After 2005, binary code was recorded by this magnetism for recording perpendicular and vertical segments, termed as perpendicular recording. Layer is added to recording procedure and magnetic domains get stored together. With data recovery uk, it is possible to get the issues solved easily.

Why file is not identified by computer and what occurs once data gets overwritten?

At times, the files may not be located and in such a case, professional help is sought. They also might not be able to trace the files. In case, data is overwritten, then the industry experts will not be able to recover deleted data or the one that is overwritten.

If there is any issue with the data, it is missing or deleted, it will be useful to immediately consult the specialist, rather than do some self engineering and ruin the chances of retrieving crucial data.

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