Sign that the VPN service that you are using is not legitimate

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VPN has received a wide recognition over the years. Many people have adopted their use for different reasons. There are those people who use vpn for firestick to stay anonymous, there are internet users who use VPN for security, others use it because of internet censorship and others would want to avoid things they are doing online from being traced back to them. There are many advantages of VPNs and that cannot be denied. Although we can benefit from them, there are many things that we must always consider before we try to subscribe to a VPN service. Many people have ended up with poor quality VPN services. To help you notice the red flags, here are some of the signs that the VPN you are about to consider is not legit 

Free of cost VPN

This is the first indicator that you are using a poor quality Zero Trust VPN.  For your online security to be assured, those companies that provide VPN services need financial resources. This is needed to maintain the VPN essential operations as well as in the maintaining of the VPN hardware. That means a VPN service provider will not have the means to maintain their service if at all they offer the service for free. For premium services, customers must incur the cost. That is why it is advisable to go for paid VPN services when looking for security. Many privacy risks are associated with free VPNs. Free VPNs can install harmful malware to your devices, they can even collect data and use it to their benefit. Be very careful especially when you are considering free VPN services.

Encryption that is sloppy

You will also know that your VPN is not right when you discover that the encryption is sloppy. A great VPN service should always boost an AES-256 type of encryption. Those VPNs with PPTP and L2TP are now out of style and they are not recommended nor suitable for use. When you are checking the encryption detail, it is very important to check whether perfect forward secrecy is included in the encryption or not. This is a very important service and it is commonly used when your VPN is compromised. When you are making your choice, make sure that the encryption of the VPN is up to the right standards. For the best encryption, install vpn on firestick

Slow speed

Another sign that your VPN is not legit is when you notice that the speed is painfully slow. VPN is known for hindering the connection speed but there is a limit to the hindrance. The best VPN will protect you but will not make you wait for connections forever. Before you can consider any VON service, you should first check and make sure that the speed is up to the standard that you wish and require. You can consider doing some tests on the VPN service you wish to pay for before you adopt it.

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