Creating a resume can be stressful and confusing especially if associated with the pressure of job hunting. Although there are a lot of ways to improve your resume and there are many resume examples that can also be found online to serve as your guide. However, traditional resume is not the only option left today thanks to the internet and globalization. Technology has now changed a lot in submitting and creating application since you can now do it online. There are even a lot of websites who are offering services in creating attractive and professional resume which can be worth the pay.

Nonetheless, it is still important to understand both its advantages and disadvantages in using an online software hence we will discuss below both its benefits and downsides to help you decide if you’ll use an online resume builder or just stick with making it on your own.


Advantages of using an online resume maker

  • Creating your resume online can really save a lot of time rather than creating it from a scratch. You just need to add your personal information in the template in order to have a good resume in just minutes.
  • It doesn’t just save time, it can also save money since most resume builders are very much affordable. Free trials are also being offered so if you have a tight budget then you can enjoy its service for free.
  • Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you need to have an advanced technical skills and knowledge. Using a resume maker is so easy since you just need to upload your information in the software and the resume builder itself will work the rest for you.
  • Making your resumes online can provide you a peace of mind which can boost your confidence since you already know you’ll be having a professionally formatted resume that may serve as the stairway to your dream job.
  • You can easily edit your resume for future use. You can also customize your resume depending on which industry you are applying for.


Disadvantages of using online resume builder

  • Your resume might look very similar with other applicants who use the same online resume maker. This isn’t much a big deal tho but if you really want to make your resume unique then you might just personally make your own.
  • The free trial for most resume builders are restricted to less than a month. Therefore, payment will be needed once your free trial expires. This is quite an inconvenience to the part of applicants who usually have a tight budget since this would mean another cost.
  • Creating resume online has also restrictions. You are the only one who can use the software thus, your friends or family members can never use your account.
  • The flexibility of using online resume maker is very limited. You are not allowed to use it on other word processing software like Microsoft Word because you can only print your resume on the software provided.

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