The Difference Between Broadband And Cable Internet

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When it comes to internet, this is one thing that we should not let go. Why is it that we love to use internet daily? First of all, internet is a huge source of information that we are looking for in any subject matter. It is considered to be our biggest virtual library when we search anything through typing usual keywords in the search box. Unlike any other books in the library that needs for us to browse as many pages as we want, the search engine will give us thousands or even millions of results in one click of a button. Internet is also a source of entertainment, which we can play games, make friends through social network, online business, watch movies or TV shows, listening to music, etc. Right now there are billions of people who are now using the internet daily, especially the senior citizens. In order for them to use the internet, they have lots of options. If they have no personal computer or laptop at home, they can still rent a computer in an internet café to browse and surf.

Speaking of internet cafe, they are one of the most profitable businesses established by an entrepreneur. Most of them are very successful in their business because of the great demand from the customers. Some of them are using the internet to play online games, while others are using it for entertainment and social networking. If they don’t want to spend their hours in an internet café, they need to buy at least one personal computer or laptop with wireless access or a cable port to connect with the router. However, they need to buy and subscribe to an internet service provider for them to gain access in the internet. There are two types of internet providers to be applied, but with the same purpose. These kinds of providers are called as broadband internet and cable internet. When we speak of the broadband internet, they integrate their internet access to a telephone company. It means that their main source of internet connection would come from a telephone company. On the other hand, a cable internet is another kind which integrates its internet access to both cable TV infrastructure (CATV) and telephone.

But their main source would be the cable TV, which provides them the connection and it was supported by the telephone or DSL itself. Both of them have the same purpose to their customers, which is to grant them internet access at their personal computer or laptop. However, they can use cable TV as their alternative monitor through setting it on video mode instead of TV mode. Not only will they watch their favorite shows, but also to surf the internet at the same time through switching modes. This is where broadband and cable internet are having different integrations, but with the same purpose. It is very important for us subscribe with broadband or cable internet. Most of them said that internet is already part of their lives, because it gives us worldwide access to connect with each other. This is where we need internet service providers to give what we want in gaining access and communication with other people around the world.

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