Samsung repairs work on coverage period knows why it is important?

Samsung mobile phones come up with the warranty period, and each mobile phone has its plan and offers. This is all depending on that which model you are purchasing for your use. Coverage of the warranty or the safety plan is the central prime aspect of any smartphone. The main and the basic coverage of the handset commence on the last date of your warranty end. The plan of the safety is active from the original date of purchasing until 365 active days of the phone. You can take the services for free from Samsung Repair under this one year. The expiry of the plan, one has to pay the charges according to the services he/she is taking from the company. To know more about the plan, you can register your valid and certified contact number with the Samsung application.

Covered product by Samsung

The brand furnishes the complete coverage of the hardware items and the software of the smartphone through its authorized Samsung Repair service centers. The customer can claim their damages and the defects of the handset, whether it is a technical issue or mechanical problems. The warranty of the items such as adopter, data cable, and the headset is for six months, and other issues can be covered until 365 days from the billing date. The company will repair your mobile’s old parts and the mobile phone with refurbished new and fresh parts which work correctly. The battery of the cell phone can also be claimed in the plan, but only when it is leakage or swelling.

Services that are not covered by a brand

Items were given by the company like charger, stylus, earphones, and the company does not claim any other cosmetic parts which come along with the smartphone in a box in an extended warranty period. This is only limited to a particular time period.

Things for which Samsung is not liable

The mobile brand is not liable for a few things, such as the failure in repairing results in a Samsung Repair, which is done by Samsung’s agents or the employee of the service center. They are not liable for the delay in services because it all depends on the availability of the part of the handset. This is not applicable in the extended warranty period. The smartphone brand is not giving any claim of some unexpected and natural circumstances such as-

  • Accidental short circuit cause of the fire
  • Natural climate changes such as flood
  • Acts of god
  • Sudden changes in legal policies

These are the beyond situation which is not in control of anybody. So, the company will not be able to provide services for free in these situations.

Final words

To conclude this article, we can say that Samsung is the highest growing brand worldwide. Millions of people are currently using the phone, so people must purchase the phone and avail of some best services form customer care for free.

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