Make your photo dramatic with low key lighting

Make your photo dramatic with low key lighting

Low key lighting helps to create a moody feeling in the image. Low key lighting is achieved by using a single light as the source of light. It is easier to create a low key setting as compared to a high key. The low key atmosphere can be created indoor as well as outdoor. Light helps you to reveal the subject. However, it is a shadow that defines the subject. To create low key lighting in indoor is to use Speedlite camera. In outdoor, you should click photo when the sun is low in the sky. The photographer should have the skill to play with light in low key photography.

Tips for creating low key lighting

  • The easiest way to create low key lighting is to use a dark background. You can use cloth, paper,the wall that are dark in color. This will help you to click low key photo.
  • If you do not have any dark backdrop for low key photography, keep the subject of photography closer to the camera. The closer the subject is, the less light will hit the background.You are thus creating a low key effect.
  • Keep the ISO of your camera low. This will help you to take less light in the camera thus creating a dark shade on the sides of the subject.

Camera considerations for low key photography

  • Light: Light is one of the important things in low key photography. You do not need three lights as used in high key photography. One main light for the subject in need for low key photography.
  • Fast lens: Low key photography is generally done in dark areas. It is necessary that have a fast lens to capture the accurate low key photo.
  • Shoot in raw: Shooting in the dark areas add drama and mystery to the subject. Keeping the camera setting raw will help you to capture features of the subject.
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