RazorSQL Key 7.4.4 for Mac Keygen + Crack

RazorSQL Key 7.4.4 For Mac license + Crack Free Download 2018

RazorSQL 7.4.4 is set of tools for the database in which browser, admin, SQL editor and SQL query tool are main. This tool is design for Mac, Mac x, windows, Solaris and Linux. This application is tested on more than fourteen databases. And check the connection between RazorSQL Key and database with the help of ODBC and JDBC. The application is supported for following databases.

Supported Databases list:

  • Athena
  • Hive
  • DB2
  • Cassandra
  • Filemaker
  • Frontbase
  • MariaDB
  • H2
  • Redshift
  • JavaDB
  • Informix
  • Firebird
  • Microsoft Access
  • Interbase
  • Oracle
  • OpenBase
  • SimpleDB
  • SQLite
  • SQL Anywhere
  • Sybase(ASE)
  • SolidDB
  • Sybase IQ
  • VoltDB

RazorSQL key

RazorSQL 7.4.4 Detail:

In addition, with database browser, you can browse objects of database like tables, schemas, foreign keys, indexes, primary keys, function, and function. The application has tools which you can build queries without coding such as alter, create, execute, and describe. You can also build drop database objects like views, tables, indexes, function, triggers, and stored procedures. Razor SQL key has the ability to import data from different formats like fixed width files, delimited files, and Excel spreadsheet. With SQL query builder you can also build insert, select, delete and update statements without written full code. You can also export your data in different formats such as HTML, XML, JSON, delimited files, and SQL. With this tool, you can also join multi-tables. The RazorSQL Key application is easy to use because of its friendly user graphical interface.  With SQL editor you can also edit SQL script and run your SQL queries. You can also Eidtrocktet code editor for programming languages such as HTML, Java, XML and many more.

RazorSQL Key Features:

  • Browse database objects with database navigator.
  • With SQL Editor you can edit SQL queries.
  • You can also build dropping, describing, creating, editing, altering, indexing, views, and sequences with visual studio. You can also use visual tools for triggers, function and stored procedures.
  • The software can also import data from fixed width files, delimited files and Microsoft Excel files.
  • You will be also able to generate a view, index DDL, and table with Generate DDL Tool.
  • Compare database queries, tables, and connection with SQL query compare tool.
  • The search tool can be also used for the searching database object. And you can also search single or multiple view data and tables.
  • With database editor, you can also delete, edit, and insert database.
  • You can also export data in different format.

System Requirements For RazorSQL Key:

Operating System: Mac 10.10 or later, Windows, Solaris, and Linux.

Processor: Intel


OS type: X64 bit

Minimum Size: 110 MB

Software information ForRazorSQL Key:

Title: Razorsql 7.4.4

Manufacturer: Razorsql

Languages: Multi-languages.

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