Drive Genius For Mac

Drive Genius For Mac + Full Crack Free

Drive Genius for Mac Crack is powerful software that provides you important tools for managing Mac operating system hard space. It gives you faster performance while you are protected or not. Drive Genius for Mac has a great feature of this software is to protect you from your system hard issues. And it solves the issues before the issue becomes major issues.

Drive Genius for Mac is supported for Mac OS 10.10. This software has the ability to save your drive from the harmful virus or trashes. With this software, you can rebuild your drive as well as you can edit your hard space. Software remains your all drives in the best condition. You can check analyze your hard drives regularly. Then you will see reports what’s happening with your hard drive and you will fox these problems or what you should do.

Furthermore, Drive genius for Mac can make a secondary startup drive for you that can be very helpful for you when you maintain or repair your hard drive with “Boot well” function. This feature is new in drive genius. You can also increase memory performance with defragmenting option. This function will organize each file into a save area on your drive so that’sway your system will less work when your files are retrieved. If you want to expand your drive or shrink your drive, you can do this work very efficiently with this application. You also add or delete the drive as well.

Drive Genius for Mac

Features of Drive Genius For Mac:

  • Create secondary startup drive that does will be helpful in repairing or maintenance of your drive.
  • You can expand, shrink, add or delete your drive with this software.
  • When your system running slow you defragment the drive to increase performance.
  • Clone feature determines the drive configuration automatically. So the application can make the new drive so then this is possible to transfer your data most efficiently.
  • Physical check option will check your hardware problems such as damage wire or many other things.
  • With this application, you will find duplicate files in your hard. You can also locate these files and retrieve it.
  • You can find also large files that’s can be taken very high space. This feature is powered by Drive slim® technology.
  • You can icons for your drives and you can also customize it.
  • You can measure the raw performance since your system was slow.

System Requirments For Drive Genius For mac:

  • Operating System: Mac 10.10 or later
  • Processor: Intel
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS type: 64 bit
  • Minimum Size: 66.4 MB

Software Information Drive Genius for Mac:

  • Latest Version: Drive Genius 5.1.0
  • Manufacturer: Pro soft eng
  • Release Date: 23 Jan 2018

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